We are an innovative, community centered seedling. Hoping to grow very soon into a flourishing social enterprise company to the contribute to the public health agenda in the context of health and wellbeing using leisure occupations.

We hope our roots will be embedded with a strong occupational therapy philosophy- valuing occupation is a unique perspective of occupational therapy.

Occupational Therapists believe Occupation correlates with health and wellbeing…healthy and balanced occupations lead to healthy and balanced health outcomes. Immersed in principles of human rights , social justice via wider accessibility, community centeredness and connectedness.

We hope our tree trunk will stand tall and courageous to challenge stereotypes, stigma and barriers. Branching out to promote physical and mental health & social functioning via meaningful, adventurous and fun local leisure occupations for more adults in our communities.

Our fruits will be the smiles, feelings of invigoration and happiness after enabling and enhancing occupations. Aims are for individuals to engage in satisfying healthy occupations, simultaneously having a good social life and feeling safe enough to let go of fear and rediscover the inner child!